Fifty Seven Promenade Sold 94% of Total Launched Units

Considering the sales result and the consumers’ high demand, Intiland has decided to advance the launch of the condominium units in Sky57 tower.

Archied Noto Pradono, Executive Director of Capital and Investment Management of PT Intiland Development, Tbk (Anto Erawan - (Jakarta) – Fifty Seven Promenade has garnered a very good response from customers. At the launching event held in Jakarta, Saturday (26/8/2017). The newest project of PT Intiland Development, Tbk (DILD) has successfully sold 302 units or 94% of the total launched units.

The company achieved marketing sales of Rp1.6 trillion, far exceeding the initial sales target set at Rp520 million.

The executive Director of Capital and Investment Management of Intiland, Archied Noto Pradono said the market’s positive response to the condominium project was indicative of the prevailing interest from customers in property purchasing and investment. Good quality property products with strategic location located in a convenient area will always be in demand.

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“We hope that this success help boost the property market in general, so that the sector continues to bounce back and grow. The consumer purchasing power in the high-end segment remains strong; they just tend to wait and see. So, we need a milestone or a success story in marketing to further convince the market that the time is ripe for investing in property,” Archied explained.

Considering the sales result and the consumers’ high demand, the company has decided to advance the launch of the condominium units in Sky57 tower which the company hasn’t marketed yet; consisting one-bedroom and two-bedroom types.

All three-bedroom units are sold out. The customers who have not gotten the units yet, will have another better opportunity to choose their preferred units soon.

Mature and Established Area
Fifty Seven Promenade is a mixed-use & high-rise development project occupying an area of 3.2 hectares. The project consists of two condominium towers, one serviced apartment tower, one strata title office tower, and lease office tower, and one retail promenade.

Fifty Seven Promenade is located in a mature and established area. This project is also near the city’s integrated infrastructure and public transportation lanes, like MRT (mass rapid transit), LRT (light rail transit), airport skytrain, and TransJakarta bus network.

“As a superblock and a mixed-use area in the center of Jakarta, the project offers advantages in terms of location, comfort, access, and rapidly growing environment. Consumers put these factors into their consideration when they purchase our condominium unit,” Archied said.

In Phase I of the development, the company will develop two condominium towers: the 24-floor City57 tower, and the 49-floor Sky57 tower. The condominium is completed with a five-floor basement area and comprises 496 residential units.

Fifty Seven Promenade places the public area on the top floor of City57 tower, on the 23rd and 24th floors, including a sky garden, a sky lounge, a semi outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, spa and sauna facilities, a gym, an entertainment area, and a private dining room.

Fifty Seven Promenade also has al fresco retail facility, adopting the concept of a waterfront as well as a jogging track. There are also 24-hour concierge service, housekeeping, laundry, and shuttle bus to take residents to shopping centers and to public transportation stations and shelters, like MRT and LRT stations, or Transjakarta bus shelters.

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