Jababeka City of Cikarang Won the Best Township Development Project

Jababeka Cikarang, an independent city project with an area of ​​5,600 hectares, has changed rapidly and is a prospective investment destination for investors.

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Jababeka City Cikarang.(Photo: PR Newswire)

RumahHokie.com (Jakarta)Jababeka City Cikarang, a successful modern city project won the 2019 Golden Property Award for the category Best Township Development Project.

Organized by Indonesia Property Watch (IPW), the Golden Property Award is appreciation for the performance and positive achievements of business people in the property sector while encouraging optimism in this industry.

Reporting from PR Newswire, Tuesday (02/02/2020), Jababeka managed to get it prestigious property awards through a series independent, objective and measurable surveys and assessments.

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Several important figures, as well as multidisciplinary experts, were involved in the event this annual to strengthen the results of the final assessment.

“We are proud of the award given to Jababeka City Cikarang. This award spurs us as developers to continue to innovatein developing an independent city in Indonesia, “said Suteja S. Darmono, President Director of Jababeka Residence.

Furthermore, Suteja added that the city with an area of ​​5,600 hectares has changed rapidly and is a prospective investment destination for foreign and domestic investors.

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That can be proven by the development project in Jababeka City Cikarang, such as modern residential areas, Monroe apartments, Kawana Golf Residence, The Oscar residential area, Cortes Town House, Sevilla Town House, Monaco Town House, and Candi Residence.

Meanwhile on the same occasion, the founder and chairman of the Jababeka Group, Setyono Djuandi Darmono commented at this time, the City of Jababeka Cikarang had become one of the high attractive areas that managed to attract many investors.

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Setyono Djuandi Darmono also received the 2019 2019 Lifetime Achievement Golden Property Award.

The award was given for Darmono’s contribution in improving the industry property in Indonesia since 1989 through the development of independent cities in Indonesia

“With our experience, expertise and high credibility, Jababeka will continue to create modern independent cities throughout Indonesia, which will provide more job opportunities and bring a better life to all Indonesian people, “Darmono said.

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